About Me

Diagnosed a long time ago, you could say I'm a natural at reading labels. I do it by instinct, not even thinking about it. I've also become accustomed to speaking with the chefs and going through a menu several times to look for new gluten free options. Although I love salad very much, there's only so much salad a person can eat! Going to parties, I find that there are not always options for me to eat. I've learned to either talk to the person hosting beforehand, bring my own snack, or eat before I go. I love potlucks, because I am always able to eat something ;).

This blog is written to provide positive, practical, educational and insightful information on the gluten-free diet. Always read the labels of any foods that are suggested in my blog since labels may change over time. I am a high school student, so the foods I plan on sharing will most of the time be quick meal fixes that any high school student, or busy household easily can cook.  Click on this link to visit my Facebook page.

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