Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's in my Fridge/Pantry?

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy last few weeks, complete with a lot of calculus and homework. It's crazy to think that over a month has gone by since I moved into my dorm in August! As promised, today I will be showing you all what is in my pantry, because let's be honest, I prefer not to go hungry.
I know what you're thinking, what is the pasta sauce for? I can't exactly cook pasta in my dorm room, but I can create tortilla pizzas in the microwave! If I have too much on my plate (pun intended), and I can't make it to the dining hall, I'll take a tortilla, spread some pasta sauce and cheese over it, and heat it in the microwave. 
I keep sweet tea, sparkling lemonade, and Coke Zero so that I have an array of options :)! This morning I actually put iced tea in my coffee travel mug since I was too tired to brew the coffee.
I keep peanut butter, Nutella, applesauce, tea, and mugs on top of my fridge. I do enjoy a cup of tea after a long day of classes, and I actually started something called "tea time" on my floor. We all catch up with a good cup of tea and a few snacks, which is the best way to bond as a floor!
I keep an array of dried snacks in my basket, and it contains anything from pretzel thins to regular assorted chips. I also have a jar that contains energy bars and fruit snacks for those hectic mornings when I have to dash out to class.

Sometimes it's easy to forget to eat in the dining hall, and since I don't have a kitchen to just whip something up, it's great to have a bunch of options so I don't go hungry.