Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Roadtrip to Chicago

This weekend I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Chicago with my suitemate Emma. I booked my return train ticket, packed some snacks, and drove up with a few friends to the windy city. The night before we left, we decided to order some pizza, and I suggested we get pizza from Pi so that I could take the leftovers on the road trip. While I managed to eat over half the pizza by myself that night (it was so delicious I couldn't stop eating it), I packaged the rest of the pizza in wax paper and set it in my fridge overnight. I have learned from experience to always bring emergency food, because you never know what's going to happen (and it's no fun to be stuck on the road when you're hungry).

On the way, we stopped at a Culvers, where I ordered a hamburger and a side salad. The bun came in a sealed package, so I knew there was no cross contamination. Since the fries weren't fried in a designated frier, I ordered a side salad. After that hearty meal, we continued on our way to the suburbs of Chicago, where I got to meet Emma's family and see her hometown. Once we got to Chicago, Emma took me to a gelato place called Frost, where I inquired about their gluten-free options. They informed me that my best bet to avoid cross contamination would be to go with a fruity gelato, so I ordered one that was banana flavored. While it got pretty chilly that night, we still enjoyed a nice walk in the frisk air with our cold gelato (because we're still hanging on to the concept of summer).

I had a wonderful time in Chicago, and ate a delicious gluten-free Japanese dinner with Emma and her family. I also got to visit a dear friend from high school who is currently studying at Loyola. They have a beautiful lake at Loyola, and I wish that WashU had one, as there's nothing more calming than doing your homework next to the water.

Right before I got on the train back to St. Louis, my friends took me to Blaze, where they make pizzas very quickly, but ensure that the gluten-free pizzas are baked on a designated pan. That tided me over for the train ride that was inevitably delayed. Overall, I had a wonderful weekend and most importantly didn't go hungry!