Friday, September 27, 2013

Hotdog Wrap

Simple yet delicious!!

2 gluten-free corn tortillas
1 hotdog
sliced onion
sliced parsley

Cut the hotdog in half and fry it on the pan until it is visibly cooked.

Next, heat two corn tortillas in the microwave. I usually set them up like this, overlapping the two tortillas. Heat them for 45 seconds, or however long it takes for them to be soft.

Chop the parsley and onion (optional)

Now, spread the ketchup on one tortilla and the mayonnaise on the other.

Now, add the hotdog pieces, parsley, and onions to one of the tortillas.

Roll the tortilla into the other tortilla, allowing the other tortilla to cover it.

Voila, you've got your easy-to-make hotdog wrap!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gluten-Free Apps?

The big topic of news in the technological world at the moment seems to be the new iOS7 on the iPhone. I know you're thinking: what does that have to do with food? Hang on, I'm getting there. Right when I got my iPhone, I immediately searched for apps that would help with my diet, preferably free. I came across two which I use when I am out and about.

The first one is called Find Me Gluten Free. It gives all the locations with gluten-free menus by location or address. It is extremely helpful when I am out with friends and they ask me where I can eat. I also like how it includes the number of the restaurant, allowing me to inquire further about their menus. You can filter your choices, allowing for you to narrow your search. 

 The second app is called Gluten Free Restaurant Items. This app allows me to see the gluten-free items at a number of restaurants (so helpful for planning ahead.) It doesn't list EVERY restaurant out there, but covers a large number of both fast-food, steakhouse, etc. type of restaurant. (You won't be finding super high-class restaurants in this app.) 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Store-Bought Bread?

We used to bake bread all the time before I was diagnosed. I soon found that making gluten free bread was not as easy as I anticipated it to be. I come from a family where we make almost everything from scratch. The first meal I ever cooked was an okra dish, and to this day is still my favorite. But, back to the matter of bread. We used to eat this bread that would crumble as soon as you bit into it. Not a very good outlook on bread now was it? I survived it, eventually finding Udi's. Udi's bread is fantastic, because it has the closest taste to wheat bread. (That is what my friends and mom have told me.) I highly recommend it, as it also has different products, from cinnamon buns (gosh I missed those) to pizza crusts. Udi's bread gives the look of my school lunch a sense of "normalcy." And of course, it doesn't crumble.

But a tip to all about gluten free bread: always toast it.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gluten-free Can Make a Difference

"Junior runner Drew Padgett earned NCAA Division III Men’s Cross Country National Athlete of the Week honors after his record-setting performance Saturday at the Gabby Reuveni Early Bird Meet. Padgett’s 19:10 run was the fastest in team history on the 6,000-meter course in Forest Park, and he finished 15 seconds ahead of all competitors Saturday."

A doctor’s diagnosis last winter was the secret to Padgett’s breakthrough! In addition to training for the meet, he also credits the gluten-free diet for his success. Drew Padgett is a student at Washington University in St. Louis,  Missouri, USA.

To read more about his story check out the recent article in: 


Drew Padgett and his dad, who is also gluten-free.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Establish a Gluten-free School Lunch Program

This is what I had for lunch last week. Just like everyone else,  I bought it in the school's cafeteria. 

You have three options for school lunch:
1. Bring from home
2. Starve
3. Eat lunch prepared by the school.

I bet you are looking at option three and raising an eyebrow in confusion. But, federal law requires public school to substitute meals for students with life-threatening food allergies and celiac disease.

Many of the meal options at your school might already be naturally gluten-free. Sometimes all that's needed to be done is use GF breads and exchange the cookie with a fruit cocktail. Food handling procedures, however, will have to be in place in order to ensure there are no cross-contamination issues.

Some examples of possible gluten-free lunches offerings can be:  
1. Beefy GF Tacos, Mexican Rice, Buttered Corn and Fruit Cocktail + choice of milk
2. Stuffed baked Potato, Mexican Salad, Carrot & Celery Sticks and Pudding + choice of milk.
3. Hamburger with GF bun/without , Potato Smiles, Corn and Chilled Pineapple choice of milk
4. Hamburger, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Applesauce/Apple/Orange + choice of milk
5. GF pizza, Garden Salad w/light ranch, orange wedges, chocolate pudding + choice of milk.
6. GF pasta, salad, corn, pears + choice of milk.
7. GF blueberry muffins, corn, warm sliced apples choice of + choice of milk.
6. Salad, Mexican Rice, Carrot and Celery, Fruit Cocktail + choice of milk.

You can enjoy all these meals at school thanks to food labels and food handling procedures! So stop starving; this might be the right option for you!
NCFA provides great information on how to request a gluten free school lunch in your school district. check out the information: 

Training and education of foods service personal is extremely important! 
Here is a link to a great training option that your school district might want to consider pursuing:

So, what are you waiting for?  There are so many options out there for you!!