Thursday, September 12, 2013

Store-Bought Bread?

We used to bake bread all the time before I was diagnosed. I soon found that making gluten free bread was not as easy as I anticipated it to be. I come from a family where we make almost everything from scratch. The first meal I ever cooked was an okra dish, and to this day is still my favorite. But, back to the matter of bread. We used to eat this bread that would crumble as soon as you bit into it. Not a very good outlook on bread now was it? I survived it, eventually finding Udi's. Udi's bread is fantastic, because it has the closest taste to wheat bread. (That is what my friends and mom have told me.) I highly recommend it, as it also has different products, from cinnamon buns (gosh I missed those) to pizza crusts. Udi's bread gives the look of my school lunch a sense of "normalcy." And of course, it doesn't crumble.

But a tip to all about gluten free bread: always toast it.