Friday, September 16, 2016

An Update from a Gluten-free College Student

Going into my third week of college, I took a moment to realize how fast time has gone by. In the blur of meeting new people and getting used to the college life (and my dorm room), I have really enjoyed my time here at Washington University in St. Louis. During orientation week, I received an email that informed me of an information session the university's director of nutrition was giving to students with allergies. That meeting really put my mind at ease. She introduced us to all the chefs, and everyone was very understanding about the food preparation. They even have a separate area in the kitchen where they prepare all the gluten-free meals! When one parent asked when the worst time to ask for a gluten-free meal was, due to the fact that lunch and dinner time are very busy and have long lines, the chef said, "there is no bad time to ask for a specially prepared meal."

Our residential college had a kick-off dinner, and I didn't even have to ask what items were gluten-free (makes my life a lot easier)!

We can order ahead using the Get Food app, which allows me to specify my dietary restrictions as I order ahead. I don't have to wait in line, and I can specify what time I want to pick my meal up.
Take a look at this delicious pizza I had on my first day of college! It was definitely a wonderful way to celebrate :).

Stay tuned next week to learn what I keep in my fridge and pantry in my dorm room!