Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What to Eat When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out- Day 2


Getting no sleep the night before, I woke up very swollen and in pain. Having no appetite due to this, I wasn't in the mood to eat. My mom prepared a homemade smoothie made out of homemade yogurt, one banana and strawberries. To drink I had a glass of orange juice.


Around noon, hunger crept up on me. I was really not in the mood for a yoghurt or smoothie, so we looked around the pantry and came up with some ready-made Pad Thai noodles. It was very easy to make (just follow the instructions on the box). As a side, my mom mashed up an avocado, adding a pinch of salt to make it a salty snack.


I had no appetite for dinner. My mom was planning to make some chicken soup, as she believes it has "healing powers." Here is a recipe if you are looking to make something:

Later that night, around ten o'clock, my mom prepared some gluten-free oatmeal. She insisted I ate, as I hadn't had any dinner earlier. It was an easy food to eat, as it was soft and filling. (Also, it wasn't soup ;) ) Instead of hot water, my mom uses milk, making it sweet and creamy. We both enjoyed it as we sate back and watched a movie!

Here is the link to the instant gluten-free oatmeal we used. We used the original kind, adding milk and sugar to it. We then cooked it in the microwave for about a minute. A real quickfix :).