Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heights and Hamburgers

Yesterday I hiked up to Preikestolen with a good family friend-in the pouring rain and fog. It felt like a great achievement, especially since we were soaked to the bone and extremely tired in the end. Thank goodness we had snacks like nuts and chocolate with us to keep our energy levels up, and at the end of the trip we ate a delicious lamb stew at a nearby hotel :). I ended up sleeping on the car ride home (something I'm usually not capable of doing) as well as through the night!

Other than adding alliteration to my blog post title, the next part of my blog post has absolutely nothing to do with hiking :). I'm sure most people over the world can recognize the symbol of the fast food chain I am about to review-McDonalds! What I love about McDonalds in Norway is that it has gluten-free buns! Although everyone around me thought I was insane for being extremely happy when I got my meal (although my mood was a bit dampened by the fact that it cost me like $10), I didn't care because I got to eat a hamburger at McDonalds just like everyone else. I ordered the McFeast with a drink and a side salad, and proceeded to eat my hamburger in one of the colorful booths, giddy with excitement (yes, I get excited about food). Although I was a bit disappointed at the fact that my hamburger didn't look exactly like the picture did, it was still fun to order a normal hamburger at such a generic fast food chain. I think that McDonalds in the U.S. needs to start serving gluten-free hamburgers!