Monday, May 16, 2016

High School is Over!

Hello everyone! I can't believe that my years of high school have come to an end. Last night, as I threw my cap into the air, it finally dawned on me how much change is about to come. While we've been getting ready to graduate for a while, and senioritis kicked in, I never really realized that this chapter in my life is closing. That being said, I am VERY excited for everything to come, and can't wait to share my college experiences with you all next year.

I think this is a good time to bring up my gluten-free school lunch program. While nothing beats a home-cooked meal, it's always nice to be able to have the option to eat at school. After a late night of studying, I'm not always on top of things in the morning, so it's nice to be able to grab a bite at school instead of preparing something while I'm rushing out of the house.

You have three options for school lunch:
1. Bring from home
2. Starve
3. Eat lunch prepared by the school.

I bet you are looking at option three and raising an eyebrow in confusion. Federal law requires public school to substitute meals for students with life-threatening food allergies and celiac disease.
Many of the meal options at your school might already be naturally gluten-free. Sometimes all that's needed to be done is use GF breads and exchange the cookie with a fruit cocktail. Food handling procedures, however, will have to be in place in order to ensure there are no cross-contamination issues.
Some examples of possible gluten-free lunches offerings can be:  
1. Beefy GF Tacos, Mexican Rice, Buttered Corn and Fruit Cocktail + choice of milk
2. Stuffed baked Potato, Mexican Salad, Carrot & Celery Sticks and Pudding + choice of milk.
3. Hamburger with GF bun/without , Potato Smiles, Corn and Chilled Pineapple choice of milk
4. Hamburger, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Applesauce/Apple/Orange + choice of milk
5. GF pizza, Garden Salad w/light ranch, orange wedges, chocolate pudding + choice of milk.
6. GF pasta, salad, corn, pears + choice of milk.
7. GF blueberry muffins, corn, warm sliced apples choice of + choice of milk.
6. Salad, Mexican Rice, Carrot and Celery, Fruit Cocktail + choice of milk.
You can enjoy all these meals at school thanks to food labels and food handling procedures! So stop starving; this might be the right option for you!
NFCA provides great information on how to request a gluten free school lunch in your school district. check out the information: 
Training and education of foods service personal is extremely important! 
Here is a link to a great training option that your school district might want to consider pursuing:
So, what are you waiting for?  There are so many options out there for you!!