Friday, October 13, 2017

The Switch Witch

I can't believe we are already in October, and the season of midterms is about to come to an end for the time being. Today I'll be heading to Chicago for my fall break, and I'm excited to take a break from the madness of exams and projects (I only have on more exam to go, woohoo!). Halloween is almost upon us, and this means it's time to bring out the Switch Witch. Some of the candy your child receives might not be gluten-free, so that's where this cute alternative comes in! The Switch witch comes in at night and magically whisks away the unsafe candy, replacing it with safe candy. This doesn't take away from the spirit of Halloween and your child can enjoy just as much candy as the others!

 Check out Allergy UK on Facebook, as they were the ones who posted this great idea!

"We heard a great Halloween idea today!

Introduce the 'Switch Witch' to your little one's Halloween excitement. Let them know that if they leave their collected treats out when they go to sleep, the Switch Witch will fly in on her broomstick and swap all the things they shouldn't have for an even better (and safe) pile of goodies!

The Switch Witch will bring you peace of mind whilst making their Halloween memories even more magical. The Switch Witch could even leave a toy in place of the sweeties!

Good luck Switch Witch, it will be a busier night for her than the Tooth Fairy!"
-Allergy UK

Happy trick-or-treating!