Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 Recap!

Thanksgiving has come and gone again :)! I got to spend it with my wonderful family, and got to eat delicious food. It actually snowed here the day before Thanksgiving, allowing us to enjoy a white Thanksgiving (it's not often that that happens...).

I was working on my next single during the day, so I was unable to make a delicious dessert from scratch this time around. That's when a pack of gluten-free instant chocolate pudding came in handy. All I had to do was add 2 cups of milk and voila, I had dessert!

I started off the day with a hearty breakfast! (And I of course drank my hazelnut creamer infused coffee.)

I actually didn't eat lunch in anticipation for the dinner :).

Here is the....drum roll....turkey!!! It's my dad's boneless turkey, and I can certainly vouch for it.

Here I am modeling the dessert.

Here is the dessert modeling itself.

Here is my fabulous family!


I have the best recipe in store for you guys! Stay tuned for it next week!